Peter Angel

Management, Development

I entered the world of computer games at the late age of 14, with an Amiga. In my early days, I mainly played adventure games and loved the LucasArts games. When XCom and Ultima 7 launched, strategy games and role-playing games were added to the list. In 2002, I worked in game testing for the first time, and since 2005 I've been working full-time in the game industry.

The core team at Tank Operations

Dirk Kulla

Game Design and Digital Art

After a "wasted" youth, completely free of computers or video games, I bought my first computer when I was 21 with my first game, Star Wars X-Wing, right away. After studying to be a multimedia producer, I quit my old profession as a technical draftsman and started at my first games company.


Florian Mulzer


I've always been fascinated by computer games. It all started with the C64 and LCD games. In the 90s the PC was introduced, on which I played a lot of adventure games, whether familiar or obscure. Civilization was also one of my favourites. At some point, I started to program games, initially as a hobby and since 2006 also professionally.

Leonard Schmidt


My first points of contact with the video game world at the age of 6, with the games N64, “Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and “Super Mario 64”. The industry has fascinated me ever since. In 2018, I completed a degree as a digital media artist and am now mainly active in the field of marketing.